Delta darou is committed to protect the privacy of it’s site’s visitors . As a part of our commitment to your privacy we provided this private statement .You as our customers can visit our website without any need to enter personal information in world wide web .The information we collect is depend on the information you give us.
By registering or requesting information in this website you allow us to use ,transfer and collect your information according to provisions of this policy .By registering in our website we will ask your name and contact information.
Disclose :
The information you give us will be store on our secure server .And also it is possible we put your information in the hands of third parties but this is not include your identity information .
Wherever you enter your own password you are able to access certain parts of our website .Please be careful about your password .DO NOT give this password to anyone. Unfortunately transferring information through internet is not safe .Despite the fact that we are doing our best to protect your personal information, can not guarantee security of your information .So the responsibility of transferring information is on you .By receiving your information we use strike and secure methods for preventing illegal access to your information
Countries outside the Europe economical community, always do not have strong security information .Anyway we will try to ensure that your information is used in accordance with this policy except when required by law . We don’t distribute or sale your information.
Finally if our business enters common investment with other company’s or other institutes your information will be announced to new partners and owners.
IP and cookies:
We may collect your pc information such as IP address ,operation system and browser type and use them for management and marketing purpose .This is not include statistical data about patterns and your search through internet and can not set your identity.
Cookies are small information pockets store on your computer .When you enter to our website our system store some cookies on your computer unless you disagree.
Cookies improves speed for next time visits and allow us to be able to monitor and control web traffic and content to customize our website for you.
You can also enable specific settings in your computers browser to prevent cookies from being stored .In this way maybe you can not use some of the special features of our website .
Security and data protection:
We use security proceeding to safe your information from illegal persons , illegal operation ,accidental damage , destruction and lack of safe keeping .We store your information for a while as long as the law requires.
Access and updates :
You have the right to be aware of the stored information and ask us to make changes .if you want to make changes let us know .

Changes in our Privacy Policy:
Any future changes in our privacy policy on the website will be notify
Via e -mail