Easier Lubricant

Are you looking for a way to reduce pain and inflammation of your reproductive system that are caused by the fusion process?

Are you suffering from too much vaginal dryness during your intercourse process?

Are you looking for a way for your youth, succulence and more subtlety and also to fix unpleasant smell of your reproductive system texture?


65 ml


Vaginal dryness is a prevalent disease among women that every third female experience.

One of the most basic causes of vaginal pains is the dryness of women vagina during sexual intercourse .

Most prevalent disease of menopause is the vaginal atrophy that causes the developing of syndromes such as dryness, vaginal itching and pain during sexual intercourse..

Menopause childbirth ,breast feeding radiotherapy, chemical treatment, oophorectomy ,estrogen decreasing medicines ,allergy, the use of anti histamines, vaginal showers and insufficient foreplay before association cause the outbreak of vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse.

Glycerin is  a liquid of high absorptive power for moisture and because it is a good solvent ,cause the absorption and keeping of moisture at the surface of vaginal mucosa , recovers the removed moisture of the vaginal mucosa and makes it soft and lubricant without choking of vaginal mucosa pores.

Glycerin increases the protecting power of vaginal mucosa and keeps more quantity of water in it .So the vaginal mucosa dries rarely .Some of the physicians believe that the Glycerin is the best substance to prevent the dryness of vaginal mucosa.

Easier lubricant contains Glycerin

This product with water base and Glycerin causes the maintaining and keeping moisture in vaginal mucosa area and remove pain and dryness during sexual intercourse; and with balanced pH causes freshness and vigor in vaginal areas.

Application method:

Apply an appropriate amount of easier lubricant on internal and external areas of vagina as well as  partner’s sexual organ before your sexual intercourse.


if you experience any skin allergy ,stop using and consult your doctor.