Ice Spray

Ice spray


400 ml


Cryotherapy is a treatment that have been using from ancient times in the treatment and relief of pain .

This treatment method tries to reduce the temperature of injury and it’s underlying tissue without damaging the cells.

This chilling effect ,numbs the nerves that leading to the injury and reduces inflammation and swelling of the injured area .

Ice spray is a good alternative way for ice pack and ice compressor

Due to it’s longer acts , can be use  easier and its effect is stronger

Ice spray is a product that is designed for immediate relief of  the pain of   bruise ,soreness, muscle strain ,sprains and minor pain of arthritis and simple backache .

Ice spray can be use immediately after injury .  it’s rapid effects on pain treatment, can     be observe immediately .

This spray can be use during or after exercise

Cryotherapy with ice spray is a fast and simple method  for athletes to return to play ,run and their practice

How to use:

Spray it from distance of 25 cm and do not spray more than 5 seconds


This spray can relive pain, simple backache, muscle strain ,sprains  and bruises


Caution :

Do not spray in the area with open wounds, mucous membrane ,skin and eye irritation  and mouth