Warmer Lubricant

Are you looking for a way to make the heat a part in your genital area?

Are you looking for a way to have more enjoy and different experience in your intercourse process.


65 ml


One of the most prevalent sexual  dissatisfaction is the transfer of reproductive organs’ infection  between spouses and the undesirable odor of vaginal surroundings .

Three types of prevalent infection between spouses  are as follows:

Fungal vaginal infection :includes itching and vaginal discharge.itching is usually serve and it may cause the inflammation of related surroundings.

Bacterial vaginal infection: this disease can transfer through sexual contact .vaginal discharge exist in bacterial vagina . itching or inflammation does not exist basically or it is very weak and rare than fungal infection.

Parasitic vaginal infection: this disease enters the reproductive conduit through sexual contact and or some contaminant articles or polluted environments so cause infection .in many cases this infection may lack symptoms or contains mild symptoms.

Cinnamon extract has the anti inflammation ,anticlotting ,anti microbial and anti fungus properties that it is related to the nature and the contents of cinnamaldhye and  it’s  active against candida albicans,  and responsible,  fungus for vaginal infections .the anti bacterial properties of cinnamon are related to eugenol and is  derived from cinnamaldehye.

Cinnamon extract ,prevents the growth of cancer cells that is due to the presence of procyanidin and eugenol in the extract of its husk

The cinnamon extract is a general stimulant and accelerates the blood flow and causes the increases  of the most body discharges .

Warmer lubricant with water base contains the natural extract of cinnamon.

This product increases the blood flow, discharge and instigation in vaginal area and creates hot feeling in this area and cause the increase of enjoyment and different feelings during sexual association.

Due to the presence of natural extract of cinnamon it has anti infection and anti bacterial properties ,and  also scented vaginal surroundings and with a balanced pH it causes the freshness and vigor area.

Application method:

Apply an appropriate amount of warmer lubricant on internal and external areas of vaginal as well as sexual organ of partner before sexual intercourse.


skin absorption is different in women and the dosage is different in the skin absorption.

If you observe any skin allergy in the vaginal area, stop using and consult your doctor.