Power hair delta zex (For men 5%)


5% power hair minoxidil foam (for men)

60 ml

New form of an old treatment

No prescription

Hair regrowth treatment

With Separate formula for topical treatment of hair loss for men and women.

Easy use

The technology of power hair Foam is an appropriate way to absorb minoxidil to scalp and does not allow your hair become oily and sticky .

Power hair Foam is melted immediately in contact with scalp and causes the medicine absorbed by hair without dropping on forehead or neck so creating no stickiness.

Following the use of power hair foam the complications such as skin dryness ,husk fall ,itching and redness of skin which are the results of current solutions’ application can be minimize.

What do you expect from power hair:

Power hair by effecting on the size of hair follicles and enlarging them as well as increasing the growth cycle period of hair follicles (Anagen) ,improves the quality of hair by increasing the diameter of hair and increasing the length  of miniature hair(fuzzy like hair)

Don’t forget that you didn’t lose your hair in one night but this was happened gradually in a long period so have patience for their re-growth.

It may take about 4 months to view the regrowth of hair of your head.

After that continue the use of power hair foam to protect and increase the growth of your hair.

During first few weeks of use :there may be a temporary increase in hair shedding. this is a good sign and means that the new growth cycle is beginning.

Old hair starts to be lost:

this is natural process and after that the healthy hair starts growing very soon.

Early hair regrowth

After 4 months of continue usage  regrowth .at first hair growth is usually soft ,downy and colorless.

With continues use new hair will becomes the natural , same color and thickness as your normal healthy looking hair. continue the usage of power hair so that your hair maintains their growth and get increased.

What is the application method of power hair?

Apply power hair once in the morning and once at night and just let it dry .

Apply half a capful of foam on your hand fingers.

Apply directly to the scalp put the foam on the part of scalp that has fewer ,softer and thinner hair.

Massage into your scalp

Use your fingers to massage throughout the hair loss area for 1-2 minutes

Just let it dry

The foam after coming in to contact with scalp melts and dries gradually

After you massaged the foam on scalp immediately wash your hands with water and soap .then close the cover of can .

When should not use Power hair?

Women should not use 5%Power hair foam?

When the heads hair start to fall off suddenly and in parts

Persons under 18 years

If the skin of your scalp is red inflamed ,irritated painful and infectious

If you are using other medicines on your scalp