Tingle Lubricant

Are you suffering from muscle flappy and too much genital opening?

Do you care about your vaginal contraction and more fun during your intercourse process?


60 ml


Pomegranate extract is the most important source of antioxidans ,potassium ,vitamin C as well as vitamins of group B  such as folic acid ,niacin and mineral materials such as Phosphorous ,Magnesium ,Zinc and Potassium.

Pomegranate extract is one of the most enrich sources of polyphones which are considered as a group of strong antioxidants .The objective of antioxidants is to slowing down or preventing  the cellular stroke that is caused due to different stress developing reasons such as smoking ,air pollution ,psychic stresses and different poisons that we face in our daily life intentionally or unintentionally.

The medicinal benefits of pomegranate are verified by physicians and it is used as skin astringent medicine, anti-inflammation and  anti-bacterial medicine in traditional medicine. .

Pomegranate extract prevents cancer and slows down the growth of cancer tumors due to possessing the antioxidant substance and Ellagic acid.

Tingle lubricant with water base contains the natural extract of pomegranate.

This product increases  blood flow, softness ,elasticity as well as vaginal mucosa moisture and due to the astringent characteristic of pomegranate it increases the agitation of vaginal area via contraction of vaginal muscles and supporting ligaments.

Due to a natural extract of pomegranate  this product has  antiseptic  and anti bacterial properties and scented vaginal surroundings and with balanced pH causes the development of vaginal freshness and vigor.

Application method :

Apply an appropriate  amount of Tingle lubricant on the internal and external areas of vagina.

Caution: skin absorption is different in women and the dosage is different in the skin absorption.


If you observe any skin allergy in the vaginal area, stop using and consult  your doctor.