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Deltadarou is the first pharmaceutical company which produces delay sprays ,preventing premature ejaculation, products in Iran. This company established in Eshtehard industrial park in 2007 and by using new technologies and continue researches tries to produce its products by doing careful experiments and using the most advanced laboratory devices according to GMP principles and approved global standards. Our products include: various of creams ,ointments , antiseptics ,food powders ,supplements and types of sprays such as Power man delay sprays in 10 smell for men and also sexually transmitted gel in 4kinds and minoxidil hair foam 2% and 5% Our company received international certificates such as CE,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001,Halal and customer satisfaction statues.


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Our company by having equipped and updated spray production lines, liquids, semi-solids and medical and oral powders is ready to contracts with other firms for components and products.


Circulars and regulations of the FDA drug is placed in this section.tags originality must be located on the product which have justification of the FDA.


This company for its manufacturing unit’s future careers trys to increases it’s production levels in terms of quantity as well as variety of products .in this context the solid products lines include the production of tablets and capsules will be prepare and install in the factory .and with the completion of the spray manudacturing sector we will try to produce pharmaceutical spray use by respiratory paitent.

Sales and marketing

This company informs and advertises its products by valid medical groups journals and participation in conferences ,seminars and related scientific societies and do part of it’s activities as scientific visits of experts doctors ,people and aimed centers. Selling companies produced items is done by formal distributions such as Mahya darou,Mahban darou ,poura distribution and Elite distribution.


Our company exports it’s productions in Iran and Afghanistan .Delta darou pharmaceutical company is ready to contract and exports it’s products to all countries and respected the businessmen and companies which are ready for cooperation.


Delta darou with launching different lines and new products production hops to reduce the suffering of patients and produces high quality products in the field of personal health so in this way help the compatriot and will be among the top 20 premier medical companies in the country.

Research and development


Research and development unit as the core and original element of ,delta darou company tries to achieve special place in the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry in Iran and Middle east .This unit with the close cooperation of relevant experts works in the following areas.The main objectives of research and development unit is to increases the quality and characteristics of existing products ,including sexual sprays ,gel mating and so on .constantly quality improvement causes the satisfaction of consumers and the competitiveness of these products in terms of quality and price in the domestic market and outside the country .to achieve this goal ,use of quality ingredients and components ,promotion and updating the methods of analysis , quality control , optimizing formulations and production process is our necessities.Another goal of the rese4arch and development is presenting new products in improving the health and independence of the pharmaceutical industry in Iran .the company by having sachets production lines ,creams, ointments, gel, sprays drops and oral liquid, specially in the provision of drugs .In order to achieve this goal ,research and development unit is trying to expand it’s cooperation with academia ,researchers and manufacturing research in the country.This unit is also in corporate with internal medical organization pharmaceutical companies such as marketing ,sales, quality assurance and quality control.

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